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Custom made stencils to promote your business or tie in with your themed event.


Our face painters can use custom made stencils to work alongside your event. These are perfect for concerts, market days, themed events, awareness campaigns... and whatever else you can imagine!


*** Imagine this for example: You have a drinks stall at a concert. Customers come up and purchase a drink and also have the opportunity to get some body art done...that body art? YOUR LOGO! Concert goers have your business logo painted on them for the rest of the day, promoting your business.


We expect these stencils to be painted in 5 minutes or less, per person, to ensure there are no long lines and so we can get through as many people as possible in the time allocated.

Our custom stencils can be painted on the cheek, neck, back, arms, thighs, legs.


Our talented face painters paint the correct colours to make your logo look professional and coherent with your brand or event.


We work alongside Nile design who help design and produce the stencils.  We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for stencil to be made and delivered time for your event.


Please make sure to check out our terms and conditions:  

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