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Our team at Imagine are very professional, extremely talented and very friendly! 

We turn up fully equipped with table, chairs, paint kit and cater of any occasion any age!  No event too big or small.


Minimum booking time is 1.5 hours.  


Face Painters can paint 8 - 10 full faces or 15 - 18 simple (but stunning!) cheek/eye designs per hour.

Contact us for a quote!



The Imagine Face Painting Team only use professional water based face paints.  These paints are hypo-allergenic and include anti-bacterial properties which are specifically for use on the face and skin. Paint can easily be removed using mild soap and water. Some skin types are prone to some very mild initial staining – a small amount of mild baby shampoo will remove this gently. Water is changed regularly during a booking and clean sponges used for each face. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each booking.

Please make sure to check out our terms and conditions:  

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